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The Dino-Lite Edge DVI series AM5218MZT offers stunning image quality with minimal display lag within a wide range of magnification. Connecting directly to a LCD monitor with 720p, the AM5218MZT can be well-suited to a host of inspection or assembly applications where space is a luxury or security is a concern.

Additional Info

  • Resolution: HD 720p
  • Magnification: 20-220x
  • Working Distance: Standard
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Nr. of LED's: 4
  • LED on/off switchable: Yes
  • LED color: White
  • Material: Full aluminium alloy body
  • Exchangeable caps: Yes
  • Microtouch: Yes
  • Scroll lock: Yes
  • Output: Video
  • Video Frame Rate: Up to 60 frames-per-second
  • Measurement: Yes
  • Calibration: Yes
  • Filter/Diffuser: None
  • JPEG Codec: None
  • Special: None

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