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The Dino-Lite EdgePLUS series sets a new standard in image quality and performance of handheld digital microscopes. As technology progresses and demand for specialized products increases, Dino-Lite is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality digital microscopes that keep pace with technological advancements.

Color fidelity

Color reproducibility is an important aspect of digital image processing that affects the overall image quality. The new EdgePLUS series offers unrivaled natural-looking color images.



EdgePLUS series delivers images with higher contrast. Expect clearer image details when imaging with the EdgePLUS series.


Frame rate

With upgraded CMOS sensors and the use of low-loss compression MJPEG format, the EdgePLUS series microscopes offer higher-quality live imaging at up to 30 FPS, doubling the regular 1.3MP Edge series frame rate performance.


High sensitivity

The EdgePLUS series high sensitivity sensors may detect faint features that would otherwise remain unseen— useful when viewing samples under fluorescence, UV, and infrared.


Depth Information

Acquiring more useful depth information is now possible with EdgePLUS AM4917 delicate focus control. By indicating the variations in focus shifts, you can obtain depth information of grooves, holes, and other types of topographical variations. Please click here for the manual on "how to acquire depth information with the AM4917-models".

Focus shift = 0mm | Focus shift = 2.85mm

Design and appearance

Metal housing

Designed for robustness and endurance, the anodized aluminum metal housing of the EdgePLUS series protects the Dino-Lite from UV and electromagnetic interferences.

Detachable cable

The EdgePLUS series detachable cable design enhances the Dino-Lite reliability.

The Dino-Lite EdgePLUS series is a special category within the Universal, Long Workind Distance, High Magnification and Special light range. The EdgePLUS series provides users an indispensable tool for inspection, analysis, and image documentation.