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Dino-Lite Digital Microscope and DinoEye Microscope Eyepiece Cameras

The Dino-Lite digital microscope and DinoEye microscope eyepiece camera range offers multiple connectivity options including USB models for PC or Mac and TV or VGA models for computerless operation. Specialist illumination options, numerous magnification and working distance configurations and a wide range of stands and accessories mean there is a Dino-Lite product solution to suit most applications and budgets from the home user through to the most demanding professional.

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Dino-Lite Edge USB3.0

Special models within the High Speed Real Time range with USB 3.0 connection. It offers superb uncompressed image quality and color reproduction in a robust, compact and appealing metal housing.  Dino-Lite USB 3.0 models use a custom USB cable that is specifically designed for Dino-Lite.
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Dino-Lite Edge 5MP

To improve something that's already exceedingly good is a hard task but with the new 5 Megapixel Edge series Dino-Lite has surpassed itself...

With the use of the latest cutting-edge optics, a brand new 5 megapixel sensor and special features such as Flexible LED Control (FLC), Automatic Magnification Reading (AMR), Enhanced Depth of Field (EDOF) and Enhanced Dynamic Range (EDR) image processing as well as a full aluminum body, the Dino-Lite 7000 series is a marvel of technology and the best choice for the most demanding professional.

Dino-Lite 5 megapixel Edge series:

  • 5 Megapixel Edge sensor
  • Flexible LED Control (FLC)
  • Automatic Magnification Reading (AMR) (AM7515 models)
  • Enhanced Depth of Field and Dynamic Rage (EDOF and EDR) (AM7915 models)
  • Aluminum housing
  • Extensive measurement features
  • Edge end cap system
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Dino-Lite Edge+

The Dino-Lite EdgePLUS series sets a new standard in image quality and performance of handheld digital microscopes. As technology progresses and demand for specialized products increases, Dino-Lite is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality digital microscopes that keep pace with technological advancements.

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Dino-Lite Edge 1.3MP

edge logoThe Dino-Lite Edge series provide superior image quality and great flexibility in use for professional applications. The high-quality optics provide a very sharp, bright and natural color image with very low aberration and vignetting.

The adaptable and exchangeable caps provide for even more flexibility in use for all kinds of applications. By removing the end cap, the full range of magnification can be used or more working space can be achieved. A closed cap is included for protection of the lens in dusty environments or when working with liquids and a diffuser cap is supplied to spread the light on the object evenly.

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Dino-Lite Pro 5MP

The original 5M pixel Dino-Lite range...

The Dino-Lite Premier 5M pixel range provides 5M pixel imaging and prior to the Edge 5MP models offered the highest resolution Dino-Lite to date. For the very latest 5M pixel technology from Dino-Lite please see the Dino-Lite Edge 5MP range or continue to browse the original Dino-Lite Premier range below.

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Dino-Lite Pro 1.3MP

The industry standard in professional USB digital microscopes...

The Dino-Lite Professional range offers crystal clear 1.3M pixel imaging (1280x1024) allowing exceptional detail to be viewed and captured.

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Dino-Lite Basic

Entry level pricing without compromise on product quality...

The Dino-Lite Basic range offers high quality VGA (640x480) resolution imaging for cost sensitive applications.

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DinoEye Eyepiece Cameras

The Dino-Eye microscope eyepiece cameras provide a cost effective solution to viewing and capturing digital images through a traditional microscope.

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Dino-Lite Special Light

Illumination options including UltraViolet, Infrared and Strobe provide solutions for numerous specialist applications. 

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Dino-Lite AD Series

The Dino-Lite AD models were the first to feature exchangeable end caps allowing special function end caps to be fitted as well as removal of the end cap for additional working distance when required. This series is effectively replaced by the Dino-Lite Edge models which offer a more advanced end cap system and more advance optics and sensor technology however some long working distance models remain for use with the FC-L-MA1 mirror angle end cap and FC-L-TB1 tube end cap.

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Dino-Lite TV/VGA

The flexibility of a Dino-Lite without the need for computer...

The Dino-Lite TV and Dino-Lite VGA models provide an ideal solution where computerless operation is required.

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Dino-Lite Mobile

The Dino-Lite Mobile combines a Dino-Lite digital microscope and the new D15 portable recorder with 5" LCD screen. The tethered design allows the microscope to be positioned independently of the display, a more flexible approach than other products on the market.

Supplied with a rugged carry case and AV out cable allowing images to be viewed on a larger screen for even more detailed review. The latest computer free, ultra portable, inspection solution for Dino-Lite.

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Previous Models

This section contains some archived information on previous Dino-Lite model numbers. These models numbers are now end of life or have been replaced by newer alternatives. Should you have one of these models and are looking to replace or purchase another unit please contact us to find the most appropriate replacement.
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