Illumination and Control

A sturdy and reliable stand solution is a must-have for your high precision Dino-Lite digital microscope. A broad range of stands, caps, microscope tables and other accessories is offered. From affordable basic stands to a square metal base column stand. Or from an advanced XY table to a USB powered backlight. All original Dino-Lite accessories are made at the same high quality design and construction level.


The N3C-R is a passive ring light solution that helps to reveal more details by generating shadow-less illumination. It is designed for use with the Dino-Lite AM4115/4515/4815 USB models.

BL-ZW1 Transmitted Light Base With Polarization

The BL-ZW1 backlight accessory opens up a whole new range of applications and incorporates a freely rotatable polarizer for use with the polarizing Dino-Lite models (ZT model numbers). The BL-ZW1 can be powered over USB or using the supplied DC adapter.


The Dino-Lite backlight stage BL-CDW allows two different types of lighting: brightfield and darkfield.

SL-ZW1 Sidelight With Polarization

The SL-ZW1 is a USB powered gooseneck light with adjustable polarization. Designed for use in conjunction with a polarizing Dino-Lite (ZT models) the SL-ZW1 allows the specimen under observation to be illuminated from different angles whilst still providing the polarization capability for the control of reflection and glare.

BL-GC1 Gem clip

The BL-GC1 gem clip allows small objects to be held/suspended over the BL-ZW1 transmitted light base.

SW-F1 Footpedal

The SW-F1 footpedal enables hands free image capture when used with the Dino-Lite and DinoEye USB models. Single USB connection required.

KM-01 Focus Control

The KM-01 focus control provides remote control of the Dino-Lite magnification wheel. Touch controls on the durable KM-01 control box provide instant response and acurate control. The KM-01 can also be controlled from within the DinoCapture 2.0 software providing further flexibility.