About us

Company History

Absolute Data Services Ltd started life as a small consultancy company providing specialist electronic design and embedded software development services to the professional audio, video and broadcast sector. As part of this work we came into contact with, and used, many different development tools and design aids. Some of these products were good (some not so good!) and a select few were so good that we wanted to make them available to a wider audience. As a result the business was expanded to become an importer and distributor of select products and is now the official UK distributor for Dino-Lite and Terasic Technologies product lines.

Importer and Distributor

As an importer and distributor of electronic development tools and related products the company ethos is to source and supply products which are high quality, provide flexibility whilst remaining user friendly, and represent a cost effective solution for the intended application. We concentrate on products in which we have professional experience (by virtue of our consultancy business) and aim to provide the very best in pre and post sales support to both our resellers and end users.

Electronic Design Consultancy Services

The consultancy arm of the business remains very active and over time has been involved in a number of landmark products and with some of the most respected companies in the audio/video industry.

Our experience in high speed digital design includes numerous multi-gigabit interfaces such as; Thunderbolt(TM), PCIe (to Gen3), SAS/SATA (12Gbps/6Gbps), DDR2/DDR3, Gigabit Ethernet, USB3.0, SDI video (HD and 3G) as well as other proprietary interfaces reaching 10Gbps and beyond. For further details please see www.absolute-data-services.co.uk