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Dino-Lite Basic

Entry level pricing without compromise on product quality...

The Dino-Lite Basic range offers high quality VGA (640x480) resolution imaging for cost sensitive applications.


The AM2111 Dino-Lite Basic is the entry level Dino-Lite USB microscope and offers VGA resolution imaging (640x480) at 10x~60x and 200x magnification. The AM2111 is essentially the same as its predecessor, the AM2011, with the added benefit of an integral USB cable strain relief. The AM2111 model has also undergone a minor cosmetic re-design. As with all previous versions of this model the AM2111 is equipped with a high-speed USB 2.0 interface and provides 4 x white LED illumination (always on).


The AM3113T model from Dino-Lite offers all the features of the AM2111 but also provides access to advanced software measurement, 8 x white LED illumination with software on/off and the MicroTouch snapshot button allowing image capture to be triggered directly from the Dino-Lite.