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The AMK4012T-D15 combines a Long Working Distance Dino-Lite Digital Microscope with the new MSD15 Portable Digital Recorder with 5" LCD screen.

The MSD15 recorder has a 5 inch LCD panel and allows pictures and video to be recorded to SD card (4GB card included). An AV out cable allows connection to an external TV monitor for more detailed image review.

The AMK4012TL Dino-Lite microscope provides enhanced working distance optics ideal for tasks such as rework, assembly or other applications where increased working distance is required. A touch sensor allows the built-in illumination to be turned on and off if required.

The Dino-Lite Mobile solutions provide unrivalled flexibility and portability. Their tethered design allows the microscope to be positioned freely whilst still allowing the display to be viewed at its optimum angle, something which is not possible on many portable inspection systems.

Supplied in a rugged travel case.

Additional Info

  • Resolution: 640x480pixels (VGA)
  • Magnification: 20x ~ 90x
  • Working Distance: Long Working Distance
  • Interface: TV Output (PAL)
  • Nr. of LED's: 8
  • LED on/off switchable: Yes
  • LED color: White
  • Material: Composite
  • Exchangeable caps: No
  • Microtouch: No
  • Scroll lock: No
  • Filter/Diffuser: None
  • JPEG Codec: None
  • Special: The magnification figures specified are relative to the images being displayed on a standard monitor.