DermaScope Polarizer

The Dino-Lite DermaScope Polarizer (MEDL4DW) allows the skin surface to be examined in detail and offers excellent image clarity. Adjustable polarisation and a selection of end caps offer the user unrivalied flexibility in a small handheld device.

  • 1.3 Megapixel resolution
  • Versatility due to exchangeable caps
  • 10-50x Magnification & Polarizer (anti-reflection)
  • Medical Device Class 1




This model provides a magnification range of ~10-50x and offers a unique Tele/Macro optical system which allows the user to view an area at low magnification and then to re-focus at a higher magnification whilst retaining the same working distance (see field of view and working distance table for full spec). A selection of end caps are supplied with the unit making the Dino-Lite DermaScope an extremely versatile instrument.

The built-in polarizer (adjustable) minimizes the effect of glare from the skin and enables the operator to tailor the illumination for the most effective results.

» Also available: 5M pixel DermaScope HR Polarizer MEDL7D and MEDL7DM (fixed end cap)

Additional Info

  • Resolution: 1280x1024pixels(1,3MP)
  • Magnification: 10-50x
  • Working Distance: Standard
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Nr. of LED's: 8
  • LED on/off switchable: Yes
  • LED color: White
  • Material: Composite
  • Exchangeable caps: Yes
  • Microtouch: Yes
  • Scroll lock: Yes
  • Output: Picture, Video, Time-lapsed video
  • Video Frame Rate: Up to 30 frames-per-second
  • Measurement: Yes
  • Calibration: Yes
  • Filter/Diffuser: Built-in polarizer
  • Compatibility: Windows XP / Vista, Windows 7 / 8 / 10, MacOS [see compatibility chart]
  • Software: DinoCapture for Windows, DinoXcope for MacOS
  • JPEG Codec: None
  • Special: Regulatory approval: Medical Device Class 1 – According to Directive 93/42/EEC modified 2007/47/EC
  • Package contents: Microscope, Carry pouch, Software CD, Calibration target, User manual, N3C-C- Closed cap, N3C-L- Long cap