Adjustable cradle stand with 3 height settings.

This small, light and portable cradle stand comes with 2 insert adapters allowing you to position the Dino-Lite at 3 fixed working distances and allows magnifications of approximately ~18x, 25x & 40x when used with a standard working distance model. When used with a long working distance Dino-Lite model operation is only possible at approximately 50x due to the working distance required.

The open front of the cradle base allows you to place and manipulate small items in the microscope view without the need to move the stand. This can be useful when inspecting several similar small objects. The smooth base of the stand allows you to 'glide' the cradle over large, flat surfaces and makes this stand ideal for inspection and viewing of flat surfaces, for example print material.

Please note that the MS12C is not suitable for use with the fixed magnification 500x Dino-Lite models or with the fixed cap polarizing models such as the AM413ZT. If you wish to use the MS12C stand with a polarizing Dino-Lite model an AD series ZT model would be required.