X-Y Base with removable rotating table.

The MS15X-S1 X-Y base with removable rotating table provides an excellent solution for applications that require fine X-Y and/or rotational control over the sample under examination.

Used without the rotating table the MS15X-S1 provides a 105mm x 80mm platform with 60mm of fine control in both the X and Y directions, a vernier scale in both millimeters and inches provides a useful reference.

Used with the rotating table the MS15X-S1 provides a 50mm diameter platform with 360 degree of rotation while still offering fine control over the X and Y directions.

The MS15X can be used free standing or (using the supplied brackets) connected to the base of either the MS35B or MS36B pole stands to offer a professional and flexible inspection solution for the Dino-Lite range.

For a larger X-Y inspection table solution please see the MS25X.

Additional Info

  • Unit dimensions (WxLxH): 14 x 8 x 6
  • Other:
    Latest version of the original MS15X with vernier X-Y scale.

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