N3C-A Coaxial Light Cap

Answering the need of coaxial illumination, the N3C-A is designed to form coaxial front light simply by replacing the front cap of Dino-Lite Edge models.

The coaxial front light, formed by mirroring the light of Dino-Lite with a beam splitter, may help to highlight scratches and dents from reflective surface, or to suppress shadowing when looking at object behind a deep hole. The compact and innovative design makes it an indispensable accessory for many critical inspection applications.

Additional Info

  • Unit dimensions (WxLxH): 18.5mm (H) x 30.3mm (D)
  • Other: Compatible Dino-Lite Models: Dino-Lite Edge LWD models (TL, ZTL) and Dino-Lite Edge Standard models (T, ZT)