The Dino-Lite RK-10A is a sturdy and stable high-end stand solution that can be used with all the professional Dino-Lite models. It is constructed of resilient stainless steel and lightweight aluminum and offers a very precise fine-focus adjustment as well as a quick release function.

The quick release button allows for fast and convenient vertical movement and the fine-focus adjustment knob is especially useful at high magnification. This model also includes an adjustable safety stop to prevent the microscope from touching the specimen. Its adjustable horizontal arm has a 15cm range with 360-degree rotation and the additional arm (RK-10-EX included) increases its effective range to observe larger objects. With these features, the RK-10A is the ideal accessory for precise orientation and positioning for maximum productivity and ease of use in a wide range of environments including industrial, scientific and laboratory settings.

» Available extensions for the RK-10A stand:

  • RK-10-EX: additional horizontal arm (included with RK-10A)
  • RK-10-FX: flexible arm extension
  • RK-10-VX: vertical arm extension
  • RK-10-PX: XY positioning arm

RK-10-EX RK-10-FX RK-10-VX

Additional Info

  • Unit dimensions (WxLxH): 15cm (W) x 22cm (L) x 23cm (H)
  • Other: Compatible with: All Dino-Lite models